The Latest Technology of Automotive Industry

Nowadays, the car is becoming one of the important assets to have. Not only as an asset but also as daily transportation. With current technology, innovation now supports the wheel of modern cars. Although some of these technologies are outside the mainstream, you will discover unique technologies that have just emerged and where everything revolves around production. Most car suppliers predict that these technologies together will form the connected cars of their future. Here are some technology that will shape the future of the automotive industry. Furthermore, if you want to know more information about the latest technology of automotive you can check out at

Self-Propelled Cars

Driverless cars, already proven in numerous powerful tests, are the future of the vehicle on earth. But based on the experience of high-level automotive management alternatives, a decade or so is crucial for all these cars to become individuals and put themselves on the road as normal vehicles.


Artificial Intelligence

Modern car infotainment approaches are sensitive and powerful, and all are capable of responding to the vast majority of common commands such as voice commands. IA is expected to be released by the infotainment systems of the cars of the future within a few years.

Care by the AR

carAugmented reality technologies have penetrated many markets and companies thanks to their extraordinary ability to integrate digital interaction into the real world around us. Just like when the electronic game character Pokemon was in a favorite AR game like Pokemon Move in an AR controlled car repair and maintenance environment, the service personnel was able to provide their answers with information from a digital interface that displayed each section of the vehicle.

An agency engineer who can locate the entire car, fromthe car seats to the interior objects, the car, and the hood, can certainly have a guided experience in the repair of the entire car. This will help the automotive industry make great savings on maintenance and alternatives. It will also provide customers with greater accuracy, timely service, and a much longer life for this car.…