Diabetes – The Disease Of Our Era

Did people who eat a lot of sugar have diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. Diabetes carries another name which is the sugar disease. This disease does not affect the healthy people who have a lot of sugar in their body.

The people who first hear about diabetes will surely think that it arises from a large intake of sugar, but the factors and reasons for its development are much more complicated and severe.

 Do we all know when we have diabetes?

A large number of people around the world already suffer from this disease, and they do not know about it. Diabetes occurs and develops almost imperceptibly. Therefore, people who do not check their blood statistics often are recommended to visit their doctors, at least every 6 months.

A quick way of life as it is today around the world has allowed this disease to take hold. It is estimated that in every country is about 50, 000 diabetics and the number of those who do not know that they have it, we should not even think of.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is the most popular disease of today. It occurs as a result of increased sugar in the blood. It is a metabolic disorder that accompanies decreasing the hormone called insulin. It occurs as a result of modern lifestyle and unhealthy food that we consume daily. The emergence of diabetes is hereditary, but we also have diabetes, whose cause of occurrence is not yet known.

Types of diabetes

Type 1

The cause of the occurrence can be inherited, but it is not necessarily. This type of diabetes is the most severe form and covers all the younger population. Type 1 is treated with insulin from insulin pens, that patients receive regularly. These are not the kind of shots that with large needles; they are small needles that are given into a muscle in the arm or leg. Using such methods people with diabetes can on easy way live a normal life like everyone else.

Complications and caring the type 1

Type 1 requires permanent control of blood sugar levels by apparatus for measuring sugar. Complications of type 1 are very difficult. For example, an overdose of insulin can lead the coma. Awakening from a coma is done by giving shots to any part of the body, and this is called glucagon injection. Glucagon is used for rising sugar in the blood. Thus, insulin is used for lowering and a normal blood sugar, and glucagon raises sugar. Since type 1 often suffer kids younger than 30 years.

Type 2

Type 2 occurs in obese people over 50-60 years. Diabetes usually occurs because of excessive weight due to reduced physical activities. Type 2 is controlled by taking pills that control blood sugar levels. This type is not as dangerous as the type 1.

How to prevent diabetes

Checking blood counts regularly, by scheduled physical activity and healthy food can protect from this terrible disease.

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