How To Cure Asthma In A Natural Way

By Randy Guerra | Cure Asthma

May 12
In the modern age, asthma is one of the most common diseases. In developed countries, this disease hits around 7 to 10 % of the population, and the numbers grow constantly.

Symptoms sometimes can vanish by themselves and sometimes they are constant. They include hard breathing, coughing, pain in lungs, etc. Asthma can have connections with allergies because the cause of asthma is irregular work of your immune system.
Here are some interesting facts on how to prevent asthma.

Regular work of intestinal flora

Asthma can have some significant connections with allergies, and they have some connections with misbalance with the microorganisms in your body. In our nose and on our skin, we have some good microbes which help us to defend from pathogen organisms. When the flora is damaged or destroyed, this can result in developing of all kinds of allergens or Candida bacteria.

Adequate diet

You need to eat adequately. Unhealthy processed food can be allergenic. Most of the additives such as bisulfites or Sulfur dioxide can cause asthma attacks. Milk products and sugar are most common types of food which are causing allergen reactions.

You should avoid them. If you want to get rid of these inflammations and infections then you should eat: Coconut, Olive oil, apples, cinnamon, oregano, cabbage, honey, etc.

Home cleaning

It is important that your house is tidy and clean. You need to use cleaning products, but try to look for those that are not containing allergens. You should avoid dirty carpets, and you should have them vacuumed daily. Avoid black fungus in your bathroom, which is especially dangerous for people who are prone to allergies. You can use some natural extracts which can help you to get rid of the fungus.

Breathing practice

You should learn to breathe adequately. It can be extremely useful in the fighting of asthma. You need to exercise more often and therefore breathe better. You can avoid dizziness, or lack of breath in this way. If you need any breathing instructions, then you can always turn to a specialist who will tutor you with your exercises and give you useful tips.

Curing using plants

It has been proved that various plants can be used for curing asthma. First of all, green tea can be used for curing asthma. Tea generally can be used for various diseases. In the last years, Gingko Biloba plant is extremely useful in curing these conditions with breathing problems.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is especially useful in curing asthma because there are some connections with asthma and vitamin D deficit. In the spring, reserves of this vitamins are lowered and thus it is the perfect condition for asthma emerging.

Anyhow, it is important that you understand how asthma is cured. It is a very complicated disease but also a disease that requires everyday’s attention. It is important that you learn how to live with asthma, and everything will be all right.

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