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Feb 18

Stomach Pain Cure

By Randy Guerra | Stomach Pain

Avoiding Stomach Pain

If you are having some pain which can be manifested as burning or simply an unpleasant feeling, these symptoms can be related to food which you have just eaten. You simply need to start taking some other food to avoid these pains.


Here are some useful tips on what types of food to eat to avoid stomach pain.


Banana is for many people the most popular sort of food. This wonderful fruit is full of potassium, and it contains some other minerals and many vitamins as well. Banana has lots of fibers which can be quite useful for your stomach. Try it and you should see.


Papaya is one of the most useful fruits because of the enzymes which are affecting acids in your stomach. This plant isn’t just reducing your stomach pain, but it helps you with all sorts of other situations such as constipation.

White rice

White rice is also something which is appropriate for your stomach. White rice is part of the white food which can be very hard on your stomach, but in general, rice is quite good.

Fibers and vitamins are crucial to the normal work of your stomach and thus keeps your organs healthy and in good function.


Tea is also very useful when it comes to stomach problems. It is probably the oldest cure for stomach aches and any other disease in the world. The best sort of tea for curing stomach problems is probably green tea because it contains all sorts of supplements which can be quite useful for keeping the function of your organs. A Hot drink is always useful.


When it comes to other fruits, then you should know that apples are great in curing stomach pains. They are improving your digestion, and they are helping other food to digest normally. Apples are also good when it comes to cleaning your teeth. Eat apples; they are healthy.


Some people in Afghanistan are having a normal life rate around 95 years just because they are eating yogurt on a regular basis. Yogurt is a better than milk, and it is popular, but people do not like to eat or drink it daily. Well, if you want healthy stomach and organs within, then you should drink yogurt each day.

Olive oil

Cooking on olive oil is much more recommended than using any other sorts of oil. It feeds your organism more than other oils, and it contains lower amounts of bad fats which can be quite good for your stomach. Your food digest faster and thus there is no constipation or pain.

These are some useful tips and sorts of food which you should eat to avoid stomach pain. You should eat healthy and cooked food daily and avoid fast food completely. This can take much more time, but it is necessary if you want to remain a healthy person.

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