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Oct 05

Natural ways of curing stomach ulcers

By Randy Guerra | Stomach Cure

Stomach ulcer can be referred to as gastric ulcer which is lesion or sores that develop in the stomach lining and sometimes can develop on the upper part of the intestine. Ulcers are known to reoccur in most instances and may lead to the development of chronic problems or can cause many severe complications like bleeding.

Therefore it is necessary that the ulcers are treated promptly and instead of using the conventional options for treating ulcers that can cause digestive illnesses, it is advisable you use the natural methods of curing the ulcers. The natural remedies are recommended because they protect and strengthen the stomach lining against acids. In this article, we take you through the different ways that you can use to maintain your ulcers naturally.


Coconut has been severally recommended by doctors for patients who have gastric ulcers. This is because bvbcndjcoconut has the antibacterial effect which can help in treating the ulcers. The coconut will play a significant role in killing the bacteria that cause ulcers. On the other hand, coconut water and coconut milk possess the anti-ulcer effects. You are therefore required to take the milk daily and use a teaspoonful of coconut oil in the evening and the morning.


Studies conducted on licorice have determined that licorice is a very effective way of preventing and treating the stomach ulcers. This is because the licorice enables the intestines to produce protective mucus which forms a coat in the stomach lining. This will help in the healing process since it eases the pain from the ulcers. The licorice root powder is mixed in water and left overnight then in the morning it is mixed with rice and eaten for one week you will see the results.


This is one of the most significant home remedies for treating ulcers. This is because cabbage contains lactic acid that aid in the production of amino acids which stimulate the flow of blood to the stomach lining. This process will help in strengthening of the stomach walls. Cabbage is used together with carrots, and their juice is extracted and should be taken before meals and before bedtimes. Doing this for one week will yield significant results.


Both ripe and unripe bananas are used in the treatment of ulcer. The bananas contain antibacterial compounds which alter the growth of pylori. On the other hand, the bananas assist in the reduction of inflammation and similarly strengthen the stomach lining. You can eat the bananas every day, or you can choose to make banana milkshakes if you don’t love taking bananas.

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